The Victims

Genocide South Africa

These are some of the victims of #FarmMurder #FarmAttacks brutal torture, gang rapes and vicious assaults because of the color of their skin. Their own government incites hate against them and the ANC are responsible for every single death brought upon the white minority community

These are the victims of violence, torture, brutal gang rape and murder incited by their own government

11 Responses to The Victims

  1. Bryan says:

    Why cant I share this????

  2. Michelle says:

    This is terrible😲😲😲😲😲😢😭🤤

  3. Catharina says:

    Hi ons Catharina Fourie en Deon van der Merwe ons is oorlewendes van n plaas aanval in Middelburg Mp in 2014/03/07 in die begin na aanval het ons baie van die ondersoek beampte gehoor en toe raak dit stil tot nou toe nog nijs weer van ons saak gehoor nie ek glo nie dat hul regtig belang stel om daardie 6 oortredes te vang nie

  4. Berdine says:

    STop murdering us. ElWE FEED YOU!!!!!

  5. Marian Vorster says:

    This horrific and disturbing how can a government allow this they only will if they terrorist butchering people like this can only be an agenda I think they must keep sending pics like this to parliament but enlarge them and just do it continuously and say this is what ANC is allowing

  6. Chris says:

    Ek haat hierdie swart gemors elke dag meer DAT ek besig is om my geloof the verloor

  7. John Allen says:

    I wish we could get more comprehensive statistics for all murder in SA . Just the Government is afraid to have those statistics

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