The “True Story” of the Annette Kennealy Farm Murder

Annette with her mum Kim and daughter Meghan Credit: Courtesy of Kim Labuschagne and Meghan Kennealy

From the Telegraph UK:

Ten years ago on a hot summer Sunday I hosted a lunch in my south London garden for my old friend, the South African author and journalist Rian Malan. He brought with him his new girlfriend, a lively, articulate woman with a halo of black curly hair, named Annette Kennealy.

She wore a floaty dress, had twinkling eyes and a mischievous smile. Having recently separated from her husband, the 41-year-old and her two teenage daughters were running a small mountaintop farm in South Africa’s remote Limpopo province. The daughter of a doctor, she had grown up in this far northern part of South Africa close to the Zimbabwean border; although she had gone to Pretoria to do a fine art degree, she returned to Limpopo after graduation.

That afternoon, Kennealy described how she had become incensed at the frequent attacks on South Africa’s white farmers by criminal gangs. Many of the victims, she said, had been subjected to horrific torture. So intense was her passion that not only had she been trained in self-defence but she was now active in a farm-security group that she and neighbours had set up, and was training men, women and children as young as 10 years old in what she called ‘basic farm security, self-defence and shooting’.

As her stories of torture and murder unfolded over lunch, guests fell silent. Here was a weaponised hippie artist who we dubbed Xena the Warrior Princess that afternoon, and whose determination to resist with extreme force was imprinted on our collective memory. She made an indelible impression. 

Last month, Kennealy was beaten to death at her home with an iron bar and a hammer. Her body was so disfigured that the neighbour who arrived at the scene with her ex-husband, Martin, would not allow him inside the farmhouse.

In a country where there are on average more than 50 farm murders and hundreds of attacks on farmers, mainly white, and farm workers, mainly black, recorded every year, her death did not even make headline news. Just two weeks earlier, South Africa had held parliamentary elections and although President Cyril Ramaphosa’s African National Congress (ANC) had lost a little ground to its rivals, the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the radical Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), it won clearly with a 58 per cent share of the vote.

Campaigning concentrated on the struggling economy (unemployment is at almost 27 per cent) and repairing the damage done by Ramaphosa’s corrupt predecessor Jacob Zuma. There was barely a mention of crime or farm murders on the hustings. 

Over the past 20 years, South Africa has become one of the most crime-ridden countries in the world and its residents appear to have become inured to violence. Kennealy had become a widely respected political activist, dedicating her life to helping farmers defend themselves against attacks, and counselling victims.

Mmusi Maimane, leader of the DA, for whom she had been a councillor in her local town of Louis Trichardt between 2011 and 2014, tweeted his ‘heartfelt condolences’ and reflected on yet another act of unspeakable violence in a country that seems to specialise in such outrages.

After that first meeting in 2009, Kennealy and I remained in close contact. Every time we spoke, someone she knew had been murdered, and she eventually developed post-traumatic stress disorder. She saw the white rural farming community as soft targets and predicted a race war she believed would eventually consume the country. She cited the incendiary statements of the EFF’s leader Julius Malema, and the even more extreme Andile Mngxitama, head of Black First Land First (BLF), as evidence that a violent campaign was underway to drive white farmers from the land.

She urged doubters to watch YouTube clips of Mngxitama at the launch of BLF’s campaign for this year’s elections, announcing in front of an excitable crowd that ‘we will kill the [white] women, we will kill the children, we will kill anything we find that is in our way, even their dogs and their cats’. The radical anti-apartheid liberation slogan ‘kill the Boer [white farmer]’, constantly chanted at the end of EFF rallies, was also, for Kennealy and her friends, further evidence that a race war was coming.

Within hours of Kennealy’s murder, suspicion fell on one individual but – ironically – it was not a politically motivated extremist with a direct line to what one local observer called ‘the genocide-aires’ (extremists targeting whites), but her assistant and farm worker, 40-year-old Kenny Ramatshimbila. He had worked for her for six years and lived in a cottage at the entrance to her property. Kennealy had always talked of him as her gatekeeper, an early-warning system against the dreaded invaders, and for most of that time it appears he had embraced that role.

However, according to Martin Kennealy, who lives on a neighbouring farm at the bottom of the mountain – the couple were married for 17 years, had two daughters and remained on good terms after their divorce – her relationship with Ramatshimbila was volatile. He told me he had witnessed them having ferocious rows one day and being the best of friends the next. Ramatshimbila called her ‘Mama’, and when she went out with friends, he would be waiting in the car with her dogs, telling her, ‘Come on Mama, it is getting late, we must go home.’

On that fateful day, it was Kennealy’s mother, Kim Labuschagne, who also lives on a farm in the region, who sounded the alarm. The pair had been exchanging WhatsApp messages first thing on Monday (20 May) but by the middle of the day she noticed that her daughter was no longer looking at the messages. By the afternoon she was so concerned that she contacted Kennealy’s daughters, Meghan and Astrid, both based in Stellenbosch, some 1,100 miles away. They tried to call their mother that evening but got no response.

The following morning Meghan called her father and asked him to drive up to the farm. ‘I asked my dad if she had messaged on the Farm Security group. She hadn’t,’ Meghan said. ‘She was usually very good at keeping in touch, especially as things were getting dangerous up there.’

Kennealy’s neighbour and friend Theodorus ‘Doors’ LeRoux was also alerted and made the 30-minute drive up the mountain to the farmhouse ahead of Martin. ‘Doors phoned me as I was driving up to say that Annette had been killed,’ said Martin. ‘When I arrived at the house, Doors came out and stopped me. He said I should not go inside. He was so shocked at what he saw, and he was right – I don’t think I could have coped.’ Later that day the police arrested Ramatshimbila in nearby Mauluma, where he had a small house. They broke down the front door and took him back to the crime scene. Slowly, over the hours that followed, the story of a ferocious struggle emerged.

Over the weekend Ramatshimbila had picked avocados from the farm’s trees and together with Kennealy and her mother had transported them into Louis Trichardt for sale. That evening Kennealy had phoned her mother to say that she was furious as he had gone off for the rest of the weekend, leaving the farm in a mess, and that she’d had to go out in the dark to round up her chickens and cage them, a task that Ramatshimbila would normally have done. On Sunday morning the two had an angry telephone conversation and, according to Labuschagne, ‘Annette said she didn’t like the way he had spoken to her. She said it was very disrespectful.’

What happened next is pieced together from her family’s accounts and police investigations. On Monday morning Kennealy emerged from the shower and must have suspected an intruder because she dressed quickly, grabbed her 9mm Astra pistol and headed into the lounge. There her attacker was waiting for her with an iron bar in their hand.

According to her mother, ‘Despite all her training, and her proficiency in using firearms, Annette must have hesitated.’ Was this because the person standing in front of her was her friend, her employee? The attacker quickly disarmed her, then beat her with the iron bar, breaking both her arms as she tried to defend herself. They then strangled her until she lost consciousness, grabbed a hammer and rained blows on to her head. Her pistol was found, unfired, under the sofa.

Doubtless, poverty breeds violence, and over the past 25 years, alongside soaring unemployment, it has been a feature of the new South Africa. The crime wave across the country has seen an increase in gang violence, home invasions, street muggings and carjackings, and this together with the dehumanising legacy of 46 years of apartheid in some way explains what Kennealy’s family see as inexplicable. While Labuschagne accepted that this was not a politicised killing perpetrated by militarised outsiders, she insisted, ‘This would not have happened in a country where law and order was in place.’

From his home in the Karoo, Western Cape, Rian Malan, who had maintained a friendship with Kennealy long after their relationship ended, told me that while he held fast to the belief that there were glimmers of hope in the new South Africa, Kennealy felt there was no political solution to the country’s sociopolitical problem. ‘I tried to chaff [convince] her into taking a more positive approach,’ he said. ‘Maybe her death confirms that she was right after all.’

Many South Africans however, like Malan, still cling to the hope of Nelson Mandela’s Rainbow Nation, where all colours, creeds and social classes are embraced. Some political commentators believe the attacks on white farmers are opportunistic and random, a consequence of the yawning chasm between the wealthy and the poor. Fix the economy and all this will go away, they say. And they regard the rantings of Malema and Mngxitama as inconsequential hot air, and think the actions of Kennealy and her compatriots have helped feed the prejudices of the alt-right.

Meanwhile, the white farmers insist they are on the front line of a crime wave that, combined with Ramaphosa’s recent promises of land redistribution, including ‘expropriation without compensation’, puts the future of South Africa’s agricultural industry in serious jeopardy. This proposed amendment to the constitution, a result of parliamentary pressure from the EFF, has, according to farmers’ leaders, dramatically reduced the value of private land.

They look to neighbouring Zimbabwe’s sudden, violent land invasions that began in 2000 as a portent of things to come. Robert Mugabe’s destructive land-redistribution campaign, which saw howling mobs seizing farms and murdering farmers, reduced a once prosperous agricultural industry to rubble. In 2009 the Zimbabwean economist Eddie Cross estimated the cost of Zimbabwe’s land reform at £15 billion.

The country is now dependent on food aid to feed its people. The South African farmers see this future staring them in the face. However, insiders tell me that Ramaphosa is playing a delicate political game over the land issue. With 72 per cent of private farmland owned by whites, who make up just nine per cent of the population, clearly he has to make significant changes. However, he is a pragmatic businessman who is fully aware of the dangers of decimating the nation’s land value.

What is indisputable is that in the 25 years since South Africa was liberated from the yoke of apartheid it has become a dangerous place to be for both black and white citizens. Days after Kennealy’s murder, the local newspapers were reporting the murder of a young white couple whose car had run out of diesel outside Johannesburg. The attackers used the word umlungu (white man) before shooting the couple in cold blood, execution-style.

The cold cruelty visited on farmers and smallholders, often old, relatively defenceless couples, over the past few years has shocked South African society. Victims have been tortured with blowtorches, had their kneecaps penetrated with power drills, been thrown into baths of scalding water. 

South Africa is now the eighth most homicidal country in the world, after a handful of Latin American countries (El Salvador, Honduras, Belize and Venezuela) and three Caribbean islands with bad reputations for violent crime. It has the highest murder rate of any country with a population of more than 35 million, according to statistics provided by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNDOC). Last year the number of murders in South Africa topped 20,000 for the first time, an average of 54 a day.

In such a dangerous environment it seemed counter-intuitive for a single woman such as Kennealy to remain on an isolated farm. As it happens, friends and family had tried for years to talk her into giving it up and moving into town. One close friend, Bruce Fordyce, a South African ultramarathon athlete, told me he and his wife Gill spent many weekends with Kennealy on the farm ‘and every time Gill would try to persuade her to leave. Annette replied that she had a gun and, ironically, that she had this wonderful guy Kenny who would warn her if trouble was coming.’

Her daughter Meghan, who grew up on the farm, was another who tried to talk her down from the mountain. ‘I hated living on that farm,’ she said. ‘It was beautiful, the view was amazing but it was too remote. She loved being up there alone and loved it that she could play her music as loud as she liked there but I really didn’t want her to be alone.’

However, it was more than simple bloody-mindedness on Kennealy’s part; she saw being there as her right and staying there as an act of political defiance.When Rian Malan suggested that she leave the farm and find a safer part of the country to live in, she responded by telling him, ‘You’re a coward, Rian. I’m not going to run away from this place, from these people. I belong here.’

A week after the murder, Kennealy’s funeral took place in the Volle Evangelie Kerk Saal (Full Gospel Church) hall in Louis Trichardt. Friends came from across South Africa – Malan drove 1,200 miles from his home in the Karoo – to say their final farewell to the Warrior Princess. More than 500 people crammed into the church and heard the priest, Dominee Philip Venter, echoing Kennealy’s defiant stand, telling the congregation that people in authority have allowed crimes like this to happen, while her daughter Meghan focused on her warm personal allure, making the point that ‘even the chickens loved my mother’.

The excruciating sadness was made even more poignant when, as her coffin was lowered into the ground, the strains of the Leonard Cohen lament The Gypsy’s Wife played over the sound system…

Too early for the rainbow, too early for the dove,

These are the final days, this is the darkness, this is the flood.

Annette Kennealy would have liked that.

Afri Check is FAKE NEWS & UNRELIABLE – Another Attack on Information getting out of South Africa on the Marginalization of Whites

Apparently, Afri-Check (A George Soros funded, ANC defending, Far-Left leaning organization) did not like my video or posts concerning whites being denied aid and food parcels in South Africa. They chose to put out a FAKE story on my exposure of this blatant racism and denial of relief based solely on skin color. Just to clear a few things up, It is not technically written government policy to deny food to whites but food delivery to poor whites is absolutely being undermined. Whites are simply being denied food by the people sent to pass them out and nothing is done about this by ANC. Whites are not a priority period. Nothing is done to rectify it because they support it and do not care. I receive tons of emails each day, many from people who have been denied food parcels. There is video footage of whites being turned away and food parcels being confiscated from whites. Volunteers from the white community have been assisting poor whites by providing food parcels and other forms of relief. The volunteers assisting the white communities have now been forbidden by government from delivering food directly. Instead, all food parcels must be delivered to government facilities to be distributed. We all see how that has been going with ANC officials having food meant for citizens being delivered to their home. The result of this is the food never reaches the white communities it was meant for. It has essentially become illegal for anyone except government to assist people directly. There have been instances where white volunteers have been accosted by ANC officials and black citizens. They have been threatened with violence if they continue with the delivery of food to whites. Terrorized for trying to deliver food parcels to other whites. I and others suspect this is due to people trying to provide for the white minority where the ANC will not. Keep in mind that whites are a tiny minority. It is very easy to spot them moving around and target them. The black hordes are much more difficult to police than the lone white person in a vehicle delivering food. The government makes it difficult for fingers to be pointed at this over this failure, but the truth speaks for itself. It is no secret that whites have never been included in anything where the ANC is concerned. Not long ago at a press conference, Cyril Ramaphosa thanked the farm workers but never mentioned the farmers. It is policy that only BBEE companies will benefit from the solidarity fund. The solidarity fund was meant to provide relief to ALL small businesses in South Africa. Many people donated enormous amounts of money into this fund. The plan to distribute funds has been reported on extensively in the news and the ANC makes a point to say, BBEE companies will be the priority. No white person has been accepted at this point to receive help. I get emails everyday of stories from people who are small business owners and unless they hand over 51% of their business to a black South African, (FOR NOTHING. ZERO DOLLARS. JUST GIVE THEM 51%) they will not qualify for any relief funds. Now, who in their right mind would want to hand over the majority of the business they have built from the ground up to anyone, much less someone incapable of operating the business successfully? I personally know many people who have lost everything they worked their entire lives for due to this racist government policy.


Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma Defending Decision to Provide Relief Based on Race

Ramaphosa Defending Racist Distribution of Relief Funds

Relief aid racism: AfriForum and Solidarity approach Constitutional Court

Relief aid racism: AfriForum and Solidarity approach Constitutional Court

Relief aid racism: AfriForum and Solidarity approach Constitutional Court

AfriForum and Solidarity’s legal teams on 5 May 2020, issued court documents wherein they approach the Constitutional Court directly on an urgent basis to appeal against the High Court’s judgment that gave the Department of Tourism the green light to use race as criterion when determining which struggling tourism businesses must be helped during the Covid-19 crisis. Dr Dirk Hermann, Chief Executive of Solidarity, pointed out that awarding help based on race is bizarre. “It is scary that there could be Constitutional grounds in a crisis like this which allows the allocation of emergency funds to take place based on race,” Herman added. According to Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, they decided to approach the Constitutional Court directly, as the small tourism businesses owned by members of minority groups, just like all other small tourism businesses, are in urgent need of assistance. “If the case drags on, countless small white-owned businesses will go under and government will be complicit. Figuratively, it is economic murder of minorities,” said Kriel. According to Hermann, it is extremely important to obtain legal certainty on the matter. “As this is an urgent crisis, we believe that the matter is urgent as well and therefore we asked for access to the Constitutional Court for this matter,” Hermann argued. Kriel also pointed out that it is important for members of minority groups to obtain clarity from the Constitutional Court on whether it is really the case that the current constitutional dispensation in such a way undermines minorities rights, that even during times of crisis, whites may be discriminated against. Solidarity’s initial complaint was submitted to the Human Rights Commission (HRC) on 25 March, when it emerged that the Department of Tourism was insisting on using Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) requirements with the allocation of help funds. On 30 March an urgent application was served to the Department and the matter was heard on 28 April in the North Gauteng High Court along with a similar case from AfriForum. Both AfriForum and Solidarity indicated that they are ready to approach the United Nations’ (UN) Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination but that they will first try and settle the case locally by appealing to the Constitutional Court. “Should our efforts not be fruitful locally, Solidarity and AfriForum will have no other choice but to pursue the matter internationally,” said Hermann.

We are legally required to follow BEE laws when offering corona-virus financial relief: minister

The Department of Tourism has faced criticism after it announced that its R200 million Tourism Relief Fund will be administered in line with ‘the objectives of economic transformation’ and will be ‘guided by the tourism Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment codes of good practices’. Civil society group Afriforum has subsequently brought an urgent court application against the minister on the grounds that her department is ‘using race as a benchmark’ for the awarding of the relief fund. However, Kubayi-Ngubane has indicated that her hands were tied on the issue. Speaking in an interview with 702, she said that the Department of Tourism is acting in accordance with Section 10 of the B-BBEE Act which makes the application of B-BBEE codes of good practice mandatory. “I am battling to understand why I am being called a racist. When you are a minister you don’t have the option to apply a law or regulation because you think they are suitable now. You are obligated and it is mandatory for you to apply the laws.” The minister added that the current regulations do not allow for any optional application. “The law states that any resource I (as a minister) am using – either as a grant, or a loan, or anything else – it is mandatory for me to apply the BEE codes. “Quite a lot of political parties and other groups have been engaging with me, but it’s not up for me to decide because tomorrow you will call me a ‘rogue minister’. This is mandatory for me as a minister.” Kubayi-Ngubane said that it might ultimately be better for the issue to be decided in court as then her department can get an express legal standing on either decision. She added that another group would likely have taken her to court if she did not follow the regulations. The minister said she had also expressly sought legal advice on these issues before the fund was announced.

I could go on and on with the blatant racist policies and procedures of the ANC, but the stories and truths are everywhere. I can not post private emails due to anonymity. I assure everyone, the only FAKE NEWS out there is from organizations like AFRI CHECK attempting to suppress the truth. Brandi

White Hunger in South Africa – Listen to what is really Happening

Please watch on Monday 4/4/2020 on my YouTube live-stream at 10 pm central time. I will be speaking to a South African veteran and member of the VVS (United Liberty Warriors). He will speak on the dire need of food and necessities for the white minority due to not qualifying for government aid, not even food parcels during this global economic crisis. This has created a great need for basic necessities and without men like this, who are on the ground…doing their best to provide for children and families, many would not have food. In some places the need is so great that families are only eating every other day. It is not that I do not care for others. I do. BUT when people are being excluded from even receiving food based solely on skin color, we have a responsibility to stand up and help. These people just happen to be white. I would fight for anyone I saw this happening to, irregardless of race. Please subscribe to my channel Conservative Texas Chick on YouTube and visit my website for more information. The website is in my bio. Thank You. 🙏🏻 #HelptheBoer #ANCCorruption #FailedState #StateCapture #GangsterState #FarmMurders #FarmAttacks #veterans #nomanleftbehind #usmilitary #uspatriot #dosomething #Boer

Bell Pottinger 2.0 – Who is Behind the Campaign of Attacks and Disinformation being Spread – Meet Mandy Owens of “Busting the Myth” of NOTHING, Jack Stash AKA Thegandra Naidoo, Yasmeen Rubidge AKA @Natz_Online, Aneesa Casseem AKA @FireflyLuciferi, HunniBunni etc.

Most people in South Africa have heard of the Bell Pottinger scandal. This was the biggest scandal South Africa faced since apartheid.     Bell Pottinger was a P.R company in South Africa that worked with some of the worst of the worst people for large monthly fees of around  $100,000. They worked hand in hand with Oakbay Investments, (owned by the Guptas) totalitarians and other questionable characters to purposely ignite racial tensions in South Africa, but they succeeded in destroying themselves in the process.  The Gupta’s wanted Bell Pottinger’s assistance. They wanted to launch a P.R. campaign to highlight economic inequality in South Africa. The goal was to manipulate people of color by making them believe that they were much poorer than they should be, namely because large, white owned corporations had a disproportionate amount of power. The Gupta’s suggested this campaign would benefit the country and bolster the family’s financial standing, by making the Gupta brothers seem to be outsiders, fighting against white supremacy. Instead the despotic, arrogant Gupta’s far overstepped their bounds and were exposed to the public for what they truly were. Bell Pottinger was paid a fee of $130,000 a month for a 3-month trial period, plus any costs incurred in the running of this campaign.     Bell Pottinger launched a covert attack with propagation of false news articles, blog posts, cartoons, and fake accounts on Twitter, used to spread disinformation used to insinuate that anyone who opposed the Gupta’s were seeking to uphold a racist societal structure. As the Gupta’s influence over President Jacob Zuma became more conspicuous and people began denouncing this shadow government, Bell Pottinger was exposed. I refer to the story of Bell Pottinger to show the parallels of the things happening to people to this day and how they align perfectly with what was done to anyone making waves by getting the truth out about the crimes of the ANC and the crimes   against humanity committed on a mass scale. Everyone suffers in South Africa because of this failed communist, terrorist regime known as the African National Congress. They have gutted South Africa to the point of being on the verge of economic collapse.    Already downgraded to junk status with the rand at R21 to $1 American dollar. People are unable to sell their property or homes because they have been rendered virtually worthless. There is no solution because the ANC seek no solutions. The only solution is for the African National Congress to be removed from power. Only then will South Africa be free from the grip of terror and corruption. What have they accomplished in almost 30 years? I will tell you…nothing except, murder, rape, destruction and causing the worst race relations in South African history.    The power grid is on the verge of complete collapse. A total blackout for who knows how long. Why? Because the money meant to upgrade the power stations and keep up maintenance has been pocketed, time and time again.     The A.N.C. has embarked on a highway to hell with the amendment to the South African Constitution to allow for the “seizure of white owned land”. Not only land but possessions as well. They will seize anything that generates monetary gain.     The very interesting part about this LAND THEFT is that the farms set for expropriation without compensation, align directly with land extremely rich in minerals.     Some of these farms have been in families for 300 years, such as the land of many farmers in the Transvaal.  The A.N.C. and Cyril Ramaphosa have falsely denied that there is a problem with white farmers being murdered and that “there are no land grabs”. These are blatant lies.     South Africa has a majority of 55 million plus with a small percentage of Indian, Khoisan, Chinese and white people to add into that. The white minority being less than 8% of the population with less than 4.5 million people. The murder rate for South Africa is 36 per 100,000 with less than 8% of murders in the country ever being prosecuted, it seems like a war zone. BUT, let this sink in for a second, the murder rate for a white South African farmer is 156 per 100,000. This means, to be a white farmer in South Africa is the most dangerous job in the world. For such a tiny population of people to have the highest murder rate in the world, should shock and sound off alarm bells all over the world. This is not the case though. It seems because these people happen to have white skin, this fact is ignored, lied about and blacked out by the media. Because others and I speak out about the marginalization of whites and reach a large audience with the inconvenient truths about everything the ANC is bringing down upon South Africa, we are attacked very viciously.    The attacks are so brutal for South Africans that some have lost their jobs and had violence incited against them by the same group of people who have been committing these disgusting acts against people for years. The support and people in positions of influence and power behind these anti-white HATE GROUPS may shock some people. These anti-white racists and their groups, which are all connected in one way or the other, have gotten away with criminal acts against others for years. They have attacked people and destroyed lives behind fake Twitter and Facebook profiles. Using fake names and fake pictures. One ring leader went by @Stash_Jack on Twitter. Real name Thegandra Naidoo. At one-point Thegan was doing the worst thing imaginable, pretending to be a white farmer and tweeting about how he slept on a farm the night before and he was fine. This was done to put out disinformation and make farm murders seem small and unimportant, when in fact they are a HUGE problem.

Thegan impersonated someone named Johan Stent for at least a year. Even having (J. Stent) beside his twitter profile. Only he is not Johan Stent and he is not a white farmer. He is Indian and he is a racist, sexist, coward who enjoys attacking and degrading women online. Making fake profiles across social media platforms, pretending to be the same women he attacks. With the intention of degrading and trying to humiliate them. Below is one example of Thegan harassing someone’s job to a point where he got an innocent person fired.

These are not the only fake profiles Thegan creates. There are so many, one could never keep up. Thegan is also behind the page, “Make Racists Famous South Africa” on both Twitter and Facebook. Do not let the name fool you. He has gotten innocent whites fired from their jobs by harassing their companies with false accusations of racism. This is just another anti-white HATE GROUP spreading false information.

For someone who hates white people, he has a very unhealthy obsession with myself and other white women. He also makes perverted comments and urges others to do the same. He has done this to me. Below is a screen shot of Thegan as “Make Racists Famous South Africa” speaking about me to another man. He is lying and trying to degrade me, but that doesn’t matter to people like him.

He attacks anyone speaking out against the ANC and farm murders. It seems Thegandra Naidoo becomes obsessed with these people, including myself.     Thegan likes to attack others as racists and “white supremacists”, yet while working as a journalist. Thegan ended up in the South African Human Rights Commission for Hate Speech because he wished all bikers would break their necks and made comments on the joy he felt at the news a white biker was murdered.    

He along with his side kicks, @FireflyLuciferi formerly known as HunniBunni on twitter, Real name Aneesa (Annie) Casseem. Below are some examples of what a nasty woman she is. I hope she is not in the U.S. on a VISA at the mercy of the American people. I have all of her racist tweets where she incites violence against Jason Bartlett by calling on Antifa to meet him on his walk to the White House. If she is here on VISA, I am forwarding all evidence against her to the Department of State.

Some of his other cronies and hate groups include, “Busting the Myth of White Genocide” clowns, the “Make Racists Famous SA” page, which Thegan is behind. I have private messages between Thegan and another person where he admitted pretending to be someone else so that if the identity was revealed, it would not come back to him. The messages also state that he has covered for the “Busting the Myth Peeps” in the past. He specifically says, he put things into place to protect himself. Here is a photo of his friend Mandy Owens, the pig who incited riots and arson in Hermanus and is part of “Busting the Myth”.

Also, do not forget about @Natz_Online on twitter, real name Yasmeen Rubidge who is a particularly hateful and nasty person. I never knew women were capable of such disgusting attacks on other women. She is a racist who hates white people, so I expect nothing less at this point. This ‘woman’ is a founding partner and director of “Leadership Pathway”. She wrote a very racist and hateful article called; “Do Whites have a Role in a Democratic S.A.?” This was published by the City Press and is nothing more than a hit piece and another attack on the already marginalized white minority of South Africa.    

My question is, if you are not doing anything wrong, why the need to go to such lengths to lie about and try to hide who you are? The answer is, he and those who perpetrate these attacks and the campaign of disinformation know exactly what they are doing. They know it’s wrong and that is the reason they sought to hide their identities.    

Well, they HID their identities. Now many go by their real names because like they have done to so many others for no other reason except speaking the truth and gaining attention, we found their true names, jobs and where they lived. When their names were revealed, these people who have perpetrated such vicious campaigns of attacks on people to such a degree that one young man committed suicide after being doxed and lied about. Immediately the perpetrators began to play the victim. They tried to make it seem that they were the ones being terrorized. This is laughable being that I have thousands of images of the attacks they have launched on me and other people. Not, only the screen shots, but also a recording of Thegan.  In reading the story of Bell Pottinger and another article called, “The ANC Rolls the Dice on Twitter Influencers”, I began to see the same pattern.     

The same things that were done during the Bell Pottinger scandal are the exact same tactics being used now by these people. This led me to begin digging. I spent months researching every group and the people connected to these anti-white HATE GROUPS and others. In fact the very first follower of the “Make Racist Famous South Africa” Twitter page was the Official EFF page. Coincidence?     It turns out, all these people and groups are connected. Not only these people who attack and spread false information about people and things happening in South Africa, but many others behind the scenes who do not openly attack. It is shocking to see who supports and has dealing with these people and groups. One connection is very interesting, Atul Gupta. He is not the only one though. The EFF, ANC, well known college professors, engineers, IT people, and an unbelievable amount of so called, ‘journalists’. I am not shocked being that Jean Leroux who is a journalist for News 24 threatened to “scalp” me on Twitter. He also joins in on many of these attacks.    

I now hold so much evidence on this Bell Pottinger 2.0 scheme that it could be used to file criminal as well as civil charges on these people. Not only these people constantly breaking the law with their disgusting actions against others, but Twitter and Facebook being complicit in not stopping the cyber bullying and attacks. Not stopping the sharing of people’s personal information with intent to do harm to them.    

I urge anyone who has suffered attacks by these people and groups to stand up and fight back.    

I am willing to provide evidence to help with any legal action to be taken against these people. When you continue to do such evil things, there need to be consequences. No more getting away with breaking the law and inciting violence and hate against innocent people. Hit them where it counts. Expose them and file criminal and civil cases against them.    

Written by: Brandi    


See Photos below. This blog will grow. I will release more evidence as I am able. I will add everything here on every single one of them.

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