Boer Testimony

Jacques Barnard’s #BoerTestimony


White South African farmers are facing genocide.

Belinda’s #BoerTestimony

Call for help from a Boer Meisie

Rene Kruger thanking Donald Trump #Boertestimony

Call for help to #DonaldJTrump

Farm killings in South Africa is real #Boertestimony #FarmMurders


Boer Widow speaks out on South Africa Farm Murders

Please share this #BoerTestimony with everyone possible. The brave Widow needs all of our support!

Witness to Brutal Farm Murder Makes Plea

This young man makes a plea to stop these brutal attacks. He explains what he witnessed as a husband and father was murdered in cold blood. This is an everyday occurrence. Not rare. He is one of so many. He is brave enough or tired enough to speak out. #BoerTestimony

South African Farmers Thank President Trump

Many mainstream media outlets are pushing back on the president’s comments regarding South African farmers.They’re claiming murders and land grabs are not happening.

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